Dominic Augustine Alexander

Junior Precept of Abadar; Thirty-five year-old Human male from the Chelaxian settlement of Westport




Human male of Chelaxian descent. Thirty-five years old with dark black hair, and pale complexion and hazel blue eyes. Slightly paunchy yet with a distinctively aristocratic manner. Generally possessing a haughtingly arrogant monotone voice but given to bouts of unchecked outbursts betraying his hellspawn ancestry.


Dominic Augustine Alexander

Junior Precept of Abadar

Dominic is the third son of seven children within a medium-sized merchant dynasty residing in the Chelaxian settlement of Westport. Distant relatives of House Leroung, House Alexander is a minor merchant family attempting to redeem itself from near ruin nearly a century ago who are gradually achieving this goal.

The family, then known under the title of Alexandrus, achieved great fortunes in the past, with notable contributors to military conquest including the famed General Hadrian Janus Anton Alexandrus and scholarly academics like Elisha Ben Augustine Alexandrus in the height of the Chelaxian days of yore. When the empire fell, the merchant family of Alexandrus fractured, with the decadence of hellish blood pushing the line to near destruction. Dominic’s great-grandfather Janus Abbey Corsair Alexandrus, feared the end of his line to debauchery and apathy, and with his brothers Tigris Apollo Halifax Alexandrus and Serif Hidal Alonud Alexandrus, chose to pursue a dedicated path of moderation: they decided to set up strict lineage agendas, and commenced this new ideology with changing their namesake to Alexander.

Henceforth, the House of Alexander would pursue throughout its hegemony three paths with each of their heirs trained for one route, these being commerce, diplomacy or clerical devotion. Prior to this, the family had worshiped Asmodeus, but changed their devotion to reflect their newfound decisions to Abador, a Deity more in tune with this triple agenda of moderation. Each generation thus formed a triple pyramid of ambition, intent on maintaining power, prestige and affluence without the decadence that nearly bankrupted their line. Dominic’s path was thus laid out for him before birth.

As a child, Dominic was heavily indoctrinated into the Church of Abador, while his brothers trained to take up the trade of the Houses’ major profession: banking. His three sisters, all younger than him, trained in diplomacy and became great courtesans and sly diplomats in the settlement of Westport. Ultimately, one of these sisters, Saidy Melisha Augustine Alexander had a strong touch of the infernal, and some strange ailment due to this greatly affected her. However in childhood his relationship with Saidy had been the warmest and he felt great affection and a protective sense of duty for his sickly and often-times deranged sister.

In his early twenties, Dominic was sent to the University of Korvosa in the Chelaxian Capital of Egorian as a studious cleric of Abador and quickly gained respect as a cunning if pensive and dogmatic student. It was during this time that the ailment of Saidy affected Dominic in ways he was unable to understand when her condition rapidly deteriorated and while he was away she passed on. Her death changed Dominic. The near numb reaction by his siblings, and his parents near indifference caused Dominic to seek solace in his faith. He also at this time accidentally uncovered his family’s deep involvement with the slave trade that permeated Westport. Dominic found a new interpretation of his faith and sought out the often discarded view of Abadar as a judge of not simply wealth but as: “the guardian and protector of the First Vault, a repository said to be crafted by the deity’s own hand, containing perfect versions of everything ever created or seen by civilized peoples.”

Returning to Westport following his studies at University, and witness now to the excess of injustice in the name justice apparent in Egorian along with the slave-trade that permeated the empire, and that was awash in Westpoint, Dominic returned to take his place in the local Chapter of Abador. Taking up the mantle of Precept, a valuable first step in the Priesthood, Dominic found the merchant and judgmental duties of the Order stymied in delivering cold comfort to only relatively few of Westports community. His commitment to Abador and the memory of his sister caused Dominic to seek out the true nature of His Lord, and put the Guardian Will, as well as his own convictions to the test; by venturing to lands not ruled by Chelaxian overlords.

Typical Introduction:

“Greetings Friend, My name is Dominic Augustine Alexander, third son of August Moshie Alexander of the Noble House Alexander of Westport, and loyal Precept of Abadar, Master of the First Vault, the Gold Fisted Judge of the Gods, Protector of Merchant, Judge, and Wronged alike, the Key to Civilization. Perhaps I may interest you in a discussion on the nature of wealth, justice and the glories of civilization itself?”

Common Sayings:

Certainly the vagaries of Chance may be expunged by the virtues of Law and Order. By pen or by sword.

The Order of Numbers has a great deal to say on this matter, perhaps you would allow me to reveal its Grand Pronouncements on the topic?

Now that the Orders of the day have been audited in full account, we shall relax and have mirth as if this day were TaxFest itself.

The Church of Abadar

Dominic Augustine Alexander

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