Burnt Offerings

Day 2

The morning of day 2, the party leaves the Rusty Dragon Inn and are greeted by people smiling and a cart-puller who tips his hat at Kalderash. The previous nights exploits are the cause of the warm reception in town and the party heads toward the Goblinsquash stables to meet up with Aldern, the small man whom the group had rescued the prior night during the goblin raid. On the way, the praise continues, with a plump Missus Alnera Averton from the bakery giving bread to Devion in appreciation.

The party arrive at the stables, to find Aldern and his three scrawny manservants, Martin, John and Lucious. Aldern pays for the riding horses to take the party to the forest for the boar hunt. The horses are in excellent condition, and during the ride, the compatriots learn a bit about their host Aldern from his reticent manservents, finding out that the wealthy if eccentric and harsh noble is from Magnamar.

Heading West on the Tanners Bridge, over the Turandera River and into the Tikwood forest, the group fond a small glade where they joined in the boar hunt. When the rustling of shrub alerted the group to a possible boar, Devion killed the beast and returned with it to show Aldern afterwhich his manservants cooked and served the food. Finishing up the hunt, the crew was given the horses they had riden on by Aldern. After the hunt was over, the party seperated on their way back in Sandpoint. Mother boar by sighthoundlady

Kalderash went to the theatre of Surdak, where he found Surdak angrily shouting at an actor onstage who was wielding a wooden sword and attempting to be heroic. Schooling the other actors in how to be heroic, Kalderash went on stage and wowed the crowd, his portrayal of “The Harpies Curse” main character stunned not only his Brunette green-eyed Viristani duet partner Trisna, but Surdak as well who cursed out his sword-wielding now understudy and offered Kalderash the gig for the next few weeks.

Silly drama masks

Devion, who had seperated from the group following his successful boar killing, decided to ride back to Sandpoint the long way, picking flowers as he went. When he returned to Sandpoint, he went to the Goblin Bookstore to look into magical study, and on his way back to the inn, bumped into a busty lass named Shaelice who pulled Devion close to her and asked him to please rid the rats in her basement… 6a00e008d68b968834010536cd1054970b 320wi Dominic headed towards the Sandpoint Cathedral when he got back to the town, and sought out Father Zantus, the Cathedral and town spiritual leader and cleric of Desna. The cathedral held a giant statute of Desna in the entrance and as Dominic entered the building he was greeted by Zantus who proceeded to give him a run down of the history of the Cathedral. He explained that this was the second church, the first which had been burnt down and run by Ezikin Tobyn, the prior rector and Zantus’ mentor. During a strange night when the Chopper Murders were under way, the church had burned down under mysterious circumstances, and Tobyn had died in the fire. Tobyns adopted outerplanar Azimere child, Nualia who had had white hair, and beautiful glowing skin had died in the fire as well. 1752872124 8f8977d65f


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